What Your Snoring Could Be Telling You
By David B. Rosen, DMD
October 23, 2019
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When a patient snores, there’s usually a reason behind it. It’s often related to an obstruction of the airways that can’t be controlled when Snoring manthe patient is asleep. The sound results from vibrations in the respiratory system. If you’re having problems with your snoring, Dr. David Rosen of Dental Sleep Medicine of New England in Lexington, MA, can help.


What Is Snoring Telling You?

If you snore regularly, your own quality of sleep and the rest of those around you are constantly disturbed. Your entire sleep schedule is thrown off by your snoring reflex waking you up at night. In some cases, the snoring may be indicative of sleep apnea, a condition that doesn’t always present clear symptoms.


A Common Cause: Sleep Apnea

When you’re sleeping, the airway can become obstructed as you breathe, especially if you tend to sleep on your back. The result is feeling choked up and waking up many times during the night to recover. This chronic problem is called sleep apnea. The National Sleep Foundation states that over 18 million Americans have sleep apnea. One possible cause behind sleep apnea is carrying extra weight, as fatty tissue around the air passageways can cause these obstructions. Loud snoring is one of the most common and noticeable symptoms.


Sleep Medicine

Snoring is a disturbance in more ways than one, but there are ways to stop it. The treatments your Lexington, MA, doctor will suggest for snoring may include Oral appliance therapy (custom dental implements are designed to help keep the airways open when you’re sleeping.


No More Snoring

Your snoring doesn’t have to continue to be such a major annoyance. Call (781) 674-2233 today to schedule a visit to Dental Sleep Medicine of New England in Lexington, MA. Dr. David Rosen is dedicated to providing patients with the latest and most useful treatments for their sleep problems. Also serving Northwest Boston and the surrounding areas.


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