Sedation Dentistry Can Relieve Your Dental Anxiety
By David B. Rosen, DMD
June 11, 2019
Category: Oral Health
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Face Your Dental Fears Once and for All with Help from Sedation Dentistry.

We know that not everyone loves visiting the dentist and we certainly don’t take it personally. While the goal of our Lexington, MA, sedation-dentistryperiodontist, Dr. David Rosen, is to make sure that you always have a comfortable and smooth visit, we understand that a lot of people are still dealing with dental anxiety. If this sounds like you, sedation dentistry may just end up being your best friend. Dr. Rosen proudly serves residents of Lexington, Northwest Boston, and the surrounding areas.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is a safe and effective way to get the proper care you need without dental anxiety. Patients of our periodontist Dr. Rosen are often coming in for restorative treatments and oral surgeries such as dental implants, and because of this, some patients may be a bit nervous. Luckily, Dr. Rosen offers a way to help you relax so that we can treat your smile and improve your oral health without stress.

What Are the Different Kinds of Sedation Dentistry?

The most common type of sedation dentistry is oral sedation, which comes in the form of prescription anti-anxiety medication such as Valium. You will come into the office to take this sedative about 30 minutes to one hour before your procedure.

The great thing about oral sedation is that we can choose the level of sedation you require based on the type of treatment you are receiving and your subsequent level of anxiety. While it will take the medication up to 45 minutes or so to fully kick in, the effects will last the length of your procedure. It’s common for patients to feel groggy after taking oral sedation, so it’s important that they are accompanied by a family member or friend who can transport you home.

Another type of sedation dentistry is inhalation sedation, during which we apply a gas mask over the nose. The mask provides a mix of oxygen and nitrous oxide, better known as “laughing gas”. Unlike oral sedation, which takes time to kick in, inhalation sedation will work immediately, allowing us to get to work right away. An additional benefit is that the effects wear off the minute the mask is removed.

What Procedures Can Be Performed Under Sedation Dentistry?

To help you feel more relaxed in the dentist’s chair, we can use sedation dentistry for just about any of the procedures we offer. This includes everything from dental implant placement to bone grafting to gum disease therapy. When scheduling your appointment, ask us if sedation dentistry could benefit you.

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