Reasons for Gum Grafting
By David B. Rosen, DMD
October 25, 2017
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How gum grafting from your Lexington, Massachusetts periodontist can help your smilegum grafting

Your gums are a very important part of your smile. Along with the bone in your jaw, your gums help to anchor and protect your teeth. They provide a protective shield for the roots of your teeth, guarding them against exposure to sugars and acids which can cause tooth decay. The tiny fibers and ligaments in your gums provide your teeth with a strong attachment. Sometimes your gums might need a little extra help, which is where gum grafting comes in. Dr. David Rosen in Lexington, MA and serving Northwest Boston and the surrounding areas wants to share how gum grafting can help your smile.

The most common reason you might need gum grafting is for gum recession, a condition during which your gums have slipped down and exposed your tooth roots. Tooth roots don’t have hard enamel coverings like the crowns of your teeth. Roots are much softer and more prone to sensitivity and tooth decay.

Older people are more prone to gum recession and heredity also plays a part in receding gums. If you have gum or periodontal disease, one of the consequences of the disease is gum recession.

Other reasons for gum recession include:

  • Rotated, twisted and poorly-aligned teeth
  • Poor brushing technique and using a hard toothbrush
  • Chronic, poor oral hygiene
  • Chronic grinding or clenching your teeth
  • Wearing poorly-fitting dental appliances

There are many reasons to consider gum grafting. Gum grafting has been shown to:

  • Reduce tooth sensitivity due to exposed roots
  • Reduce the possibility of root decay
  • Restore gum tissue lost to disease
  • Improve support and stability of your teeth
  • Improve gum tissue health
  • Improve the appearance of your smile

There are several types of gum grafting procedures. Dr. Rosen can help you decide which choice is best for you.

Gum grafting can be a great solution to enhance both the health and the appearance of your smile. For more information about gum grafting procedures and other periodontal services call Dr. David Rosen in Lexington, MA and serving Northwest Boston and the surrounding areas. Call (781) 862-4550 today!


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